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Reproductive Systems

Cross-wiring:  Birds do it.  Bees do it.  We do it.

Sex is actually all about reproduction, evolutionarily speaking.  Human beings need to produce baby human beings for the species to survive, it's that simple.  Pregnancy and childbirth may not be what you think sex is all about, but it's where it all started!

Understanding the wiring of "my body and your body" is about safety and pleasure.

Understanding your reproductive system is an important part of both general health and sexual health. And it's important to understand the sexual apparatus of the opposite sex as well. 

Knowing how the human body works can help you recognize whether you--or your partner--have symptoms that require seeking help from a health care provider.  And it can help you protect yourself from unexpected "aftershocks" of sex--like sexually transmitted aftershocks or an unplanned pregnancy.

Wired for reproduction.

You may remember the general gist of the "birds and the bees," but take a refresher course from some great (and funny) teachers (a penis and a vagina) in this video from Planned Parenthood.

Birds do it.

Bees do it.

We do it.

Pregnancy happens.

How pregnancy happens.

It's really worth watching the video above to get the full details, but short and sweet, here's a quick summary of the biology of how pregnancy occurs:

Pregnancy is a process.  It actually happens over a number of days, beginning when a male's sperm takes the long journey through the female's reproductive tract (travel highlights include the vagina, uterus, and the fallopian tube). It's in the fallopian tube where, if the female is ovulating, an egg is released. The egg and sperm meet and fertilization occurs. The newly formed pre-embryo (egg and sperm together) travel to the uterus where the pre-embryo nestles in and makes itself comfy.  Once it has implanted itself, hormones are released that prevent the woman's period. That's how pregnancy happens.  It's really a sophisticated process and quite honestly...amazing.  

The video above gives much more detail on the process of the egg and sperm getting together in the first place--after all it's the vagina and the penis talking!  Avoiding pregnancy is often the goal! Pregnancy, are you ready or not?

Your sexual anatomy: Internal wiring for reproduction. 

Learning about your own body and your partner's body is important for staying safe and finding maximum pleasure in a sexual relationship.  Use the links below for a quick refresher on male and female anatomy.

Warning! The female link has audio, click only when you are ready to hear audio about female body parts! The male one is "safe" anytime to click on, no audio and nothing too graphic.

Video   Male Sexual Reproductive System

Video Female Sexual and Reproductive System

From reproduction mechanics to pleasure mechanics. 

No matter what's true for the birds and the bees, for humans, having sex is about a lot more than reproduction! 

What about human sexual pleasure centers? How do they work? Pleasuring and desire are about how your body is wired too-- but your head and heart play a big part too!  Move on! to pleasure and more.... 

 Move On!