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We are Sexual Beings

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What is sexuality?

Sexuality is much more than the physical act of sex and it's more than our biology.  Your sexuality includes your thoughts, desires, longings, fantasies and experiences related to sex and sexual partners.  And we are not all alike!

Sexual expression is a healthy human need. 

Human beings are sexual beings, and our sexuality needs expression.  Sexual urges and desires are a totally normal part of being human.

Finding pleasure and connection through sexual expression is a good thing.  Like any good thing there are limits and boundaries sexual expression involves respect for yourself and others.

Sexual expression ≠ having sex.

Sexual expression does not necessarily mean you are choosing to have sexual relations with a partner.  Either alone or with a partner, there are many ways to explore and express sexual drives and desire.

Having sex with a partner adds complexity.   Sexual expression for two or "sexual relations" is at least twice as complicated as solo sexual expression!  And sexual relations with a partner can be a zillion times more rewarding!  Or, unfortunately, lead to unexpected entanglements and consequences. Sex with a partner can bring afterglow or aftershocks.

Sensuality and human touch.  

Sex is not the whole story though.  You are also a sensual being -- the power of simply experiencing your senses as awake and alive can also create a flood of pleasurable feelings.  Being physically touched can be as nourishing as food for human beings.  Infants will literally fail to thrive without "contact comfort" from physical touch. You can develop your ability to focus inward and became more aware of your body sensations.  The ability to focus attention on our bodies can take practice, well worth it if you are interested in great sex and enhancing your sexual pleasure.  Meditation and body awareness activities can help, try this:  Quizzes 'n More: Body Scan Activity. 

Sensuality and sexuality often go hand in hand (or involve other body parts!) and one can enhance the other.

How much do you remember from your high school health education class?

Surveys show people do not remember much, and you are probably no exception!

Understanding your own sexuality.

Whether you are currently sexually active or not, understanding your sexual preferences and desires and how your own body and heart work are keys to sexual and relationship satisfaction.  A great sex life is grounded in being confident about your own sexuality and sexual policy.  Are you confident you understand your sexual orientation and identitydrives and desires, reproductive system, sexual pleasure system?  Move on! to test yourself and learn more...

Move On!