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Boost Your Emotional Self-Awareness

I was getting these migraines. And I was really angry at my girlfriend because she wanted to travel abroad for the summer. Once I realized that I was just worried she would hook up with someone else, and we talked about it, the pain stopped. - Andrew, 20, student

Get more in touch with your feelings by focusing your attention "inside".

Feelings are often experienced in our bodies, so an awareness of our bodily state can enhance our ability to identify our feelings. To get in touch with those feelings, we may need to block off external stimuli so we can focus on ourselves.

Body scan activity to develop internal awareness.

One way that we can practice bringing our attention inward is to focus on our bodies and how they are feeling at a given time.

Try the simple guided body scan meditation activity below to work on developing your ability to concentrate your attention "inside"-- it might be harder than you think!

After you've completed the body scan, take a minute to jot down what you became aware of. What did you feel before, during and after the scan? 

The Body Scan activity is also useful when you are upset, down, confused or simply in need of relaxation.  You can find it easily in Self-Explore: Quizzes 'n More whenever you'd like to repeat it. 

Torso with heart illuminated

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Learn more about your emotional expression by completing the Identifying My Emotional Signs Activity now!


Work to better identify the signs that you're feeling a particular emotion.

People experience and show their feelings in different ways. So you may find it helpful to work on developing a better understanding of the signals you give off when you experience various emotions.

To do so, you can complete the Quizzes 'n More: Identifying My Emotional Signs Activity. In this activity you'll work to identify the signals that tell you you're experiencing a certain emotion, both in terms of what you experience yourself (your internal cues) and what others see (the external signals). 

If you are currently in a relationship, you can also complete the Quizzes 'n More: Identifying My Emotional Signs Activity -- Couple Version, which allows you to talk with your partner about how each of you express different emotions.

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