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Voices of Experience:  Navigating Romantic Relationships

What makes a relationship?! What am I looking for?! What am I experiencing?! Is this love?! How do I know?! YIKES!

There's a lot to think about when navigating a new romantic relationship. 

Video voices on navigating new relationships.

Is a committed relationship what you're looking for?

How about your partner?  

Hear young people talking about relationships, getting to know each other, and all sorts of other issues related to the question "to commit or not to commit" in this video.

Learn from the voices of others. 


In hindsight it was more infatuation than love. I think I was more excited by the idea of being in a relationship than I was necessarily with being in a relationship with her. There was no foundation. We simply had walls. I mean, all that was holding us together was the fact that these four walls are leaning on each other. There was nothing to hold the walls together. Except for proximity.



I don't think I've ever been in love before.  I've had crushes and stuff like that, but I don't think I've been in love.  I just sort of feel like I'm young and I want to experience this part of my life and not get tied down with anything serious.  Some day I'll be looking for that, but right now I'm just into having fun.



I want to learn more from what others have been through, not necessarily talk about all the clinical and reproductive consequences of having sex, but more about how you should feel in a relationship and how that can help me make better decisions. What does healthy love FEEL like compared to unhealthy love? How do you know what you want.  One thing I've figured out is that you shouldn’t have to worry about sacrificing yourself to be loved by someone else.



I think that developing open friendships with women has helped me. When I talk to them about things that bother me, they not only see my perspective, but often they have experienced something similar. Confusion and heartache are part of developing love.  Knowing what other people have gone through reminds me that I am normal.


Love is so confusing!! I thought I was in love before so many times, and then when I got in a new relationship realized 'Wow! The love I'm experiencing now is so much deeper than what I thought was love before."  I guess it just takes practice.  Practice knowing yourself, and knowing what's important to you in your love life.  I don't regret any of the relationships I've been in though.  Even if I later realize it was really puppy love I was experiencing, not deep love, I still learned from my experiences.  I think you have to go through those stages.



The more things I did with my education, the more I discovered I wasn’t alone.  I took a feminist literature class and we read things like Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.   It gave me a greater perspective on who I was and how I’m such a giving person that when I get into a relationship, I give and give but I don't put energy into maintaining my own identity.  I feel like I have to be independent for a long time to get myself situated in the real world alone.   I need to do that before I can really share myself with someone else on an intimate level.



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