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Quizzes 'n More:  Simple Acts to Show You Care

Simple, everyday acts of care nurture positive, strong relationships.

The happiest partners have relationships not just free of name-calling and insults, but full of caring acts.  Although we may care deeply for those around us, we don't always show it. And the ones we love the most, are sometimes the least likely to receive our acts of care!

You may feel you are a caring person, but you must also act. Show you care. Prove it! Do it!

Keep your partner in mind. 

What if your partner doesn't react well to your caring acts?  Read the think about it box below for warnings that may help you diagnose the problem.  The bottom line is that showing care is about Considering Your Partner.  Don't make caring about something you are getting back, that's not caring for your partner. 

Commit to the practice of CARE-EVERYDAY. Try doing at least one act of care for someone close to you each and every day.

Use the suggestions below to help you decide how to show you care.

  • Wear his/her favorite outfit
  • Wear his favorite perfume or her favorite scent
  • Flirt big time with him/her
  • Send a text message saying that you are thinking about him/her
  • Do his or her dirty dishes
  • Wake him/her up with a kiss
  • Draw pictures of the two of you doing something you enjoyed or made you laugh recently and leave them in unexpected places for him/her to find
  • Personalize your outgoing phone message to something just for him/her that you know will make him/her smile
  • Be aware of their physical state and respond (offer to carry things if they're struggling, take a shortcut if their feet hurt, offer your jacket if they're cold...)
  • Read him/her a bedtime story
  • Change the lyrics to a song to make it about him/her and sing it to him/her
  • Check out books and movies from the library that you know he/she will enjoy
  • Plan a whole day or weekend that is all about things he/she likes and make it a surprise
  • Skip a social event last minute or duck away together and enjoy being alone 
  • Massage feet
  • Give a backrub
  • Give a card for no particular reason

    1. Caring acts need to be authentic.  If you are angry at your partner, your caring acts may not show up like care!   Pleasing and placating are not the same as genuine care.  Get clear first on what you feel. Understand and manage your emotions

    2. Caring acts can't substitute for dealing with conflict and pain. Caring goes a long way to soothe distress in a relationship, but no amount of frosting fixes a rancid cake.  If your relationship has "underground" issues, make sure you deal with them rather than try to sugar-coat. 

    3. Caring acts Consider Your Partner. What you might experience as care, your partner might find annoying. Don't defend your choices.  It's about your partner. What kind of care does your partner like? Be in the know-- ask, and remember.


    Be Real. 

    Be Realistic.

    Be Receptive.


  • Give a favorite flower
  • Make his/her favorite meal
  • Give breakfast in bed
  • Give a hug for no reason
  • Draw a bath and light candles
  • Pack a picnic lunch
  • Put nice notes in unexpected places
  • Bake cookies
  • Put treats under the pillow
  • Give coupons that can be cashed in for favors
  • Let him/her choose a restaurant--and go.
  • Take care of the kids so he/she can spend some time alone
  • Let him/her pick the movie next time you go out or go to the video store
  • Start the car on a cold morning
  • Offer to do his/her least favorite chore
  • Put clean sheets on the bed
  • Leave a nice message on his/her machine/voicemail
  • Make a mixed CD with his/her personal favorites
  • Write a poem 
  • Clean the house
  • Make a simple scrapbook
  • Frame a favorite picture
  • Leave a pleasant note on the fridge
  • Make arrangements for a surprise visit - from an old friend, family member, etc.
  • Call him/her at work just to say hi and I care about you
  • Let him/her choose the radio station in the car
  • Curl up together to read.
  • Make funny faces
  • Cut out cartoons that will make him/her laugh
  • Come up with a secret hand gesture or code word for "I care about you" and use it in public
  • Create a sweet nickname for him/her
  • Drop by his/her work with lunch
  • Send him a letter via regular mail
  • Plan a surprise outing he/she will like
  • Draw a cartoon of you together
  • Design a treasure hunt for him/her with a present at the end
  • Create a list of things you like about him/her and give it to him/her
  • Send a care package
  • Remember the last thing you did that he/she really seemed to like and do it again, and again!
  • Write a love message in the snow 
  • Tell him why he/she is special—what is unique and loveable about him/her
  • Make a special album of photos that you’re together in
  • Plant a tree or plant for him/her
  • Have a star named after him/her
  • Drive him/her to work on a stormy/snowy day
  • Write love notes back and forth in a journal
  • Think of an anniversary of something seemingly insignificant (like the first time you made dinner together) and celebrate it
  • Compliment him/her
  • Have a calendar made for him/her with various pictures of you together
  • Take a day off work or leave work early to be together
  • Show an interest and talk about each other’s work/hobbies
  • Dedicate a song to him/her on the radio
  • Support whatever his/her newest interest is (dieting, exercising, quit smoking)
  • Break plans with someone else just to be with him/her
  • Do things without being asked—try to be one step ahead of what you might be asked to do
  • Get him/her a gift card for his/her favorite department store
  • Get him/her a season DVD of his favorite television show
  • Record his/her favorite television show
  • Send him/her an email once a day 'just because'
  • Plan a weekend getaway
  • Order take-out on a night you know he/she doesn't want to cook
  • Offer to sign him/her up for a class on a hobby he/she's always wanted to start (For example, pottery, wood-working)
  • Carry the groceries in from the car and put them away
  • Get his pills/medicine ready every day for him/her
  • Ask him/her to dance a slow song with you
  • Make a toast to him/her before eating dinner
  • Give random kisses at random times of day
  • Gaze at him/her from across the room with a loving smile
  • If you smoke, quit
  • Fulfill a sexual fantasy
  • Draw a bubble bath for two
  • Flirt with your partner
  • Leave little love notes that just say "hi" or "you look good today" for them to find when they get home

If your partner is a student...also try these

  • Help make study notecards and "test" him/her
  • Make study break snacks
  • Leave a note on a random page in his/her notebook or planner
  • Help him/her study for an exam/test
  • Attend one of his/her classes with him/her
  • Be interested in what he/she is learning and ask to talk about it
  • Offer to read aloud an assignment or reading while on a commute
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