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My Body, Your Body: Know How We're Wiredtangled up in wires

Tangled Up and Unsure? 

Understanding how we are wired for sex and reproduction can be totally confusing.  It's easy to get tangled up in the details of hormones, drives, and genitalia.  

Simple information you can trust will help you feel clear and confident about your sexuality, your sexual desires, and your choices about sexual relations.     

What's My Body,Your Body all about?

Like the rest of UWiRE, this section is all about getting untangled and clear about SEX & RELATIONSHIPS & YOU.  My Body Your Body starts the journey off with the basics on the body and its internal wiring for sex. Get the basics first.

Here's what's in this section - choose one or just click Move On! to start at the beginning.   

  • We are Sexual Beings.   What's sexuality all about anyway, and what's normal?
  • Sexual Orientation and Identity.   We are not all alike - learn more about sexual orientations and gender identity.
  • Reproductive Systems.   Know your anatomy and all about reproduction for health, safety and pleasure.
  • Sexual Pleasure.   It isn't all about reproduction, we'll look at pleasure and human sexual response.
  • Sexual Drives and Desire.  Sexual pleasure is a complicated response and its not all in our bodies - it takes the head and heart to make desire a reality! 

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