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Self Reflect: Know Yourself as a Partner

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Knowing yourself and how you walk in the world is a key to well-being and healthy relationships. And it's harder than you might think! 

By truly examining your self, beauty and blemishes alike, you open up pathways for positive and healthy interactions with the people in your life.  Your walk, your talk, what you bring to your relationships, is the number 1 determinant of what you get from life. 

Take time to self reflect, and "Know Thyself."

The Self Reflect: Know Yourself as a Partner section of WiRE will help you explore your values, personality, self worth and more. When you begin to understand who you really are, and your "walk" (how you show up in the world), you will better understand your relationships with others.


Here's a quick overview of this section -- choose one or just click Move On!.   

  • Your Personal Values.  Find out what your important values are and what influence they have on your behavior and relationships.
  • Your Personality.  Personality is complex, do you understand its role in your life? What's your personality like?  
  • Your Self Worth.  See the beauty in your self -- how strong is your self-esteem?
  • Your Family Background.  How does your family history factor into your romantic relationships?

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