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If you know your goals for the future,when deciding whether to get serious with someone you can consider whether he or she will be supportive of those goals. If you don't do this, you may end up with someone who doesn't help you to achieve your goals, or worse, sabotages your efforts.

Take Charge of Your Self.  Be Self-Aware...Be Self-Assured..Be Self-Directed.

"Know Thyself" for a healthy and satisfying romantic relationship.

Understanding yourself, and being in control of the direction of your life, are keys to a healthy love and sex life. 

For example, if you become aware that you tend to be a conflict-avoider you can consciously work to improve your ability to deal constructively with disagreements in your relationships.

Your goals, values, expectations will change over time.

Change happens. What's most important is that you regularly take the time to think about what your goals and values are, and then use them when making decisions in your life -- and in your relationships.

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