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Why Goals Matter

What's so important about setting goals?

It's actually pretty simple: setting goals -- and working to achieve them -- will help you to have the kind of future you want to have It can also help to enhance your overall mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

It pays to plan your moves and know where you want to go. 

Life is like a chess game that way.  Whether its your career, your love life or your sex life, the winning strategy is planned. Intentional.  Eyes wide open and on the goal.

Personal goal setting is good for your relationship health.

Identifying a clear set of goals and actively working to pursue them can help you develop and maintain healthier relationships.  Knowing what you want helps you evaluate whether a potential relationship is on track -- or way off track -- with the path you want to take in life. 

Having clear goals for yourself is critical for understanding whether a partner will be supportive of your attempts to achieve them and has compatible goals for his or her life.

Having a partner who supports and encourages you in your goals isn't just necessary for a healthy relationship, it also significantly increases the chances that you'll achieve your personal goals in life.

It's easy to stumble through life without setting goals - but will you get where you want to go?

Will your relationship, at this time, with this partner, help or hurt your ability to achieve your goals?

How much have you thought about your goals for your life?  It probably isn't something you've been encouraged to do very often.  It's easy for people to slide along and not spend a lot of time thinking through what their goals are, what they want for themselves now and in the future, and what specific steps can be taken to increase the chances of accomplishing their goals.

WiRE can help you think through your goals in different aspects of your life and then provide tips on how to best achieve the goals you've set -- use the Quizzes 'n More: My Goals Activity.

Move on to learn about identifying your personal goals! Plan your moves!

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