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Site Help

How the WiRE is organized...

The WiRE has three major issue sections.

You will find many specific subsections within each. For example within Your Self, you will find sections on setting goals, self-reflection and managing your emotions.

The WiRE also offers activity-related sections that bridge our issue sections:

Getting around on the WiRE...

Use the navigation options on the top of the page to find a topic you're interested in. Hover over each section to display the subsections. You can start on the overview page of a section, or jump right down to a specific topic.

Once you're on a topic, use the left-hand menu to see related and sub issues.

And keep an eye out for related links to self-exploratory Quizzes 'n More, Voices of Experience, and recommended links Beyond the Wire.

Knowing where you are on the WiRE...

You can always tell where you are by looking at the light gray text immediately above a page's title. This tells you which section (and subsection) you're in within the site.

If the WiRE website looks broken...

If the site looks or seems broken, please make sure you¿re using one of the browsers that WiRE was originally designed for: Firefox 3.5 or higher, Internet Explorer (turn compatibility mode off), Safari or Chrome.

If that doesn't work, please let us know about the problem! Email a brief description of the problem, the full web page address (ie URL), and what type of browser you're using (e.g. Firefox 4.5, Internet Explorer 8, etc) to

Help watching movies

Most of the videos featured on the WiRE are from YouTube and use the program Adobe Flash. Sorry, this means they will not display on iphones or ipads.

If you're not using an iphone or ipad and are still experiencing problems, please read YouTube's troubleshooting page. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at

Help taking quizzes

Sorry, right now, our quizzes are not interactive - you will need to print and complete the quiz by hand.

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