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General Sites to visit again and again!

  • Planned Parenthood.   Planned Parenthood's website has a wealth of information about all things sexual health. They really know their stuff and they should because they have been the premiere family planning clinic for more than 90 years! If the website isn't enough for you, just click on the clinic locator to find a clinic near you and go talk to their hugely knowledgeable staff face to face. Believe me, after being around for 90 years, there is nothing you can ask that would surprise them.
  • Go Ask Alice.  From Columbia University, you'll find information you can trust on hundreds of sex, health and relationship topics.  Submit your own questions, or just read about other people's questions and the expert (and entertaining) answers.  
  • Sex. Really.  A website on sex and love especially for 20-somethings that has blogs, videos, podcasts, and more --hear from your peers and participate! 
  • Sex Etc.  Written by teens and young adults discussing issues like guys' and girls' health, sexuality, sex, alcohol, and drugs and more.
  • Scarleteen. Excellent and professional website on everything you ever wanted to know about sex--from masturbation, to communication, to coming out, to birth control--there's something here for you! Witty, engaging and educational.  A site that talks openly and honestly about all things sexual. We find that its a bit hard to find things on this site--so watch for our links to specific sections.
  • Scarleteen: Sex Education for the Real World Lots of good reading here.  A plethora of articles on all sorts of sexual topics. 
  • Kinsey Confidential.  A sexual health information source from the sex research pioneers.  Has lots of resources including podcasts, Q&A, articles, press releases, and advice. 
  • Smarter Sex. From the Bacchus network for college students, all about sex and sexuality specifically for college students.

 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

Safer Sex, Contraception and Sexual Health

  • Bedsider An excellent resource for all things birth control. You'll find extensive information an all the birth control options and cool tools for finding the option that fits your life and your needs the best (each method is rated on important categories such as effectiveness, STD/STI protection, how easy it is to use, how discrete it is and more!).  Some other awesome features include a clinic locator (including for emergency contraception), a reminder feature that texts or emails you reminders about clinic appointments and when it's time to take your hormonal birth control, real stories from women about their birth control experiences and even fun fact or fiction videos.  We highly recommend checking this site out!!
  • StayTeen: All about pregnancy, abstinence, contraception - and bust the myths and get tips on teenage pregnancy
  • Pregnant Pause:  Full and blogs and stories about teen and unplanned pregnancy.
  • Planned Parenthood: Birth Control  A comprehensive guide to birth control--find information about them all! They even have a quiz--"My Method"--that helps you choose the right method for you! 
  • FAQ's from CondomCondom.  Everything you wanted to know about condoms but could never ask from the BBC World Service based in India.
  • National HIV and STD Testing Resources.  From the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - A comprehensive resource on how, when, and why to get yourself tested. Includes a "Find a Center Near You" feature--all you do is type in your zip code and you'll find information on the clinics nearest you! 
  • MTV's It's Your Sex Life.  MTV's website that covers information on protecting yourself, getting tested, pregnancy, talking sex, and more! Make sure you check out the colored tabs at the top of the page!  
  • It's Your (Sex) Life: Your Guide to Safer and Responsible Sex. In PDF magazine format, great pictures and information, brought to you by MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation. 
  • Lesbian Health  Questions and answers regarding lesbian and bisexual women's health, an overview of STDs/STIs and how they are transmitted woman to woman, and also related links.
  • GMLA: Gay & Lesbian Medical Association Find your LGBT friendly doctor here!  GLMA established in 1981 - full of relevant health information.
  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control)  Find a testing site, fact sheets and Q&As on many common (and uncommon) STDs/STIs.
  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Clinical Slides  GRAPHIC slides of some common STDs/STIs.
  • Find a Testing Site Near You. From the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Enter your zip code and find a clinic near you that tests for STD/STIs.  REMEMBER: one test does not test you for all STD/STIs (for example, you might be tested for HIV but not chlamydia).  The only way to know for sure what you're being tested for is to ASK!! 
  • Avert: Averting HIV and AIDS  A fun site with many quizzes on HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, sex education, and condom use.
  • MTV's It's Your Sex Life: Protect Yourself  This section of MTV's site has great information on the importance of protecting yourself.  Explore the website's GYT tab to learn more about STDs/STI communication and testing. 
  • MTVs Complete Low Down on STDs  Here's another page from MTV's It's Your Sex Life page.  This is a grid-format low down on STDs/STIs that includes symptoms, treatments, consequences, and more.  
  • Planned Parenthood: STDs  This site has great information about testing, and all sorts of STD/STIs.  It even has a quiz called "The Check" where you can find out if you should be tested!
  • American Social Health Association This site has all sorts of great sexual health information, but we're linking you right to the pages on STD/STIs.  Check out the side bar if you want to read about specific STD/STIs, about getting tested, about using a condom, and more!

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