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Choosing a Pregnancy Prevention Method

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One size does not fit all. 

You and your partner can prevent pregnancy a lot of ways, including choosing not to have sex. There is no one birth control method that works for everyone. So just because one of your friends likes using condoms and another likes The Pill, it doesn't mean that either are right for you...and that is just fine.

Finding the right method for you. 

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What is important is that you find the method that works best for you. Why? Because that increases the chance it will do its job and prevent an unplanned pregnancy

If you aren't confident about your personal choice of method -- or your partner's choice and cooperation: 

  • you may be less likely to use it, increasing your pregnancy risk
  • you may not enjoy sex as much as you could because maybe your fears and discomfort get in the way.

The best sex from the perspective of your head and heart is safer sex!  

So many methods, so little time -- the Bedsider solution.

There are A LOT of birth control methods available and each have their pros and cons. There's no single 'best' method of contraception. No worries.WiRE is going to direct you to the best source out there when it comes to finding the right birth control method! Go Beyond the WiRE (BTW) to

Want to learn about the most effective methods? No Problem! Want to learn about the methods that are easiest to use? Done! Want to learn about what methods are party friendly? It's all taken care of at

Voices of Experience

What I like about condoms is that they aren't a hormonal thing. I was raised very naturally, like homeopathic medicine and things like that. So contraceptives like the pill and the patch, they give you hormones so they aren't for me.

More Voices

Bedsider's Methods Explorer lets you compare all sorts of methods, shows you how to use them and helps you choose what's right for you.  It's awesome. You can even set up email or text reminders specific to the method you choose! 

There's so much to do on Bedsider, we created a whole page about it. Learn more about Bedsider and why we recommend it at Quizzes n' More: Bedsider Contraception Help.

Four women, four different choices. 

We've highlighted four stories from the many voices on in VOICES of Experience: Choosing a Birth Control Method.  Watch videos of four woman discussing their choices for birth control methods.  

If you like watching videos, we also recommend the Planned Parenthood Channel on YouTube where you can see demo videos about how to use the different birth control methods. 

Pregnancy prevention...great...but don't forget about STD/STIs!

What pregnancy prevention methods can also reduce the risk of STD/STIs?

Only choosing not to have sex and condoms

Remember, when you are choosing the pregnancy prevention method that works best for you it's important to also think about STD/STI prevention. The only pregnancy prevention methods that can also reduce the risk of STD/STIs are: abstinence (choosing not to have sex) and insertive (often called "male") and receptive (often called "female") condoms.

So, if you plan to prevent pregnancy with The Pill...don't forget to bring your condoms along!

Be on top of STD/STI information -- get the ABCS of STDs in STD/STI Basics....or move on to go directly to STD/STI Prevention 101....


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