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Pregnancy:  Ready? Or Not?

Man and pregnant woman in shadows

Are you ready for a pregnancy?

Think about it.....No, we mean really think about it...are you ready? 

If you aren't choosing to conceive a child right now, are you ready to make sure you don't become pregnant, are you really ready? 

A pregnancy can affect a lot of things in your future -- like your physical health, your emotions, your social life, your school, your work, your relationships, your finances -- pretty much everything.

Voices of Experience

"For me, I want pregnancy to be my choice. When I'm ready for it, it will be a good thing...a really good thing. Now, I'm not ready."

More Voices

So, are you ready? Or not?

If you are having sex, or even might have sex, this is a really important question because pregnancy is a real possibility EVERY time you have sex. 

Unplanned pregnancies are common -- really common, especially among twenty-somethings.

It can happen to anybody, it can happen to you or your partner if you don't respect and protect yourselves.  You CAN prevent pregnancy

When it comes to sex:  Decide, don't slide. Make sex and pregnancy a choice.

Do you know what your partner would think about an unplanned pregnancy?

Have you talked about it with your partner?  You just might want to be aware of what your partner would think of an unplanned pregnancy.  You'll be shocked by what these "Guys Hanging Out" have to say about the news of an unplanned pregnancy. Check it out--it's funny and meant to be -- but after laughing, think about it!

BOTH men and women are responsible for pregnancy prevention. 

If you are having sex with someone of the opposite sex pregnancy CAN happen. Don't just assume that your partner has it covered (no pun intended).  Pregnancy prevention is your job too.  Own it.  Both the man and the woman need to take responsibility for pregnancy prevention.  Check out our special Guys Guide to Condoms.  Be prepared. 

How would pregnancy affect your life RIGHT NOW?

Could you be pregnant?

Have you ever asked yourself this question or wondered whether your partner was asking herself this question?  Dealing with a possible unplanned pregnancy is not easy.  It's worth trying to make pregnancy a choice, not an aftershock.

Learn from others by checking out Voices of Experience on Unplanned Pregnancy.

Not ready? We can help.

Learn more on our Pregnancy Prevention 101 page or go right to or our special Guy's Guide to get the scoop on contraception methods especially for you right away.  

Unplanned pregnancy isn't the only aftershock of sex to watch out for.

Get the big picture on potential aftershocks by moving on to Sexually Transmitted Aftershocks.  Be prepared for more than baby prevention.


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